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We strive to offer the highest quality of service and product to our customers, at the best prices.

People visit us from far and wide because we have some of the best products, locally and state-wide, and because we truly care about the needs of each person that walks through our doors.

We carry everything from flower, concentrates, and edibles, to tinctures, topicals, and more!

Come check us out to understand why we are the only choice for many of our wonderful customers.

current one:eleven perks

Create a locals account with just your name to earn 5 points per $1 spent, redeemable for rewards and discounts!

2,500 points = Penny Rosin Stick

5,000 points = $30 OFF

7,500 points = $111 Indoor Ounce

10,000 points = $99 High Grade Ounce

General menu
(inventory varies; call with specific product inquires)

We carry everything from outdoor-grown, up to high grade, indoor, living soil-grown bud.

Greenhouse Sale: $7/g-$85/oz *$6/g-65/oz SALE*

Greenhouse: $8/g-$99/oz *$7/g-85/oz SALE*

Top Shelf: $12/g-$200/oz *$150/oz SALE*

High Grade: $15/g-$250/oz *$175/oz SALE*

Choose from normal pre-rolls or our One:Eleven premium infused joints, which are sold and loved across the state!

1g Pre-roll: $8 *SALE 3g/$20*

One:Eleven Rosin Stick: $15

(Our premium rosin & kief-infused .7g joint)

One:Eleven Super Stick: $20

(Our premium live badder-infused 1g joint)

Out-the-door-pricing for locals!

Flower & pre-rolls

On top of flower and pre-rolls, we carry everything, from concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, and drinkables, to topicals, tinctures and more! 

Live Badder: 1g/$25  |  2g/$40​ *select $10-15 grams*

Live Terp Slurries: 1g/$25 *SALE $20*

(our terpy, flavorful & smooth live badder)

Live Terp Crystals/Sugar: 1g/$35 | 3g/$100 | 8g/$200

  • Select Live Sugar SALE: 1g/$25 | 2g/$40

One:Eleven Live Terp 0.5g Carts: $30 | 2/$50

One:Eleven Live Diamond 1g Carts: $60 | 2/$100

o.Pen 1g Carts: $60



Gummies, Chocolates, Drinks, Tinctures and more!

General Pricing:

  • Typically range from $20-$25 for 100mg THC and THC:CBD varieties.


Skin creams, oils, lip balms, and more! 

Topicals range in potency and run anywhere from $12-$85 *Currently sold out*


Out-the-door-pricing for locals!



vape cartridges


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