One-Eleven is dedicated to bringing the cleanest cannabis to the people. 


We cultivate beneficial bacteria in our actively-aerated compost tea, further stimulating the symbiotic relationship between our cannabis plants and our organic soil. On our farm, we take extra care in stimulating our organic soil food web, resulting in an organically-grown, terpene rich, craft cannabis.


All of the craft cannabis we grow starts from seed. Our dedicated farmers Pheno-Hunt the desired traits of: growth patterns, THC content, terpene profile, and medicinal values.


We provide craft cannabis to Colorado Recreational Dispensaries throughout the state, and our One:Eleven Dispensary is located in a small town called Moffat, centered in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.

Nestled in this beautiful high alpine valley, One-Eleven was started by two organic farmers - a cannabis farmer and a USDA Certified Organic potato farmer. They have combined their 40+ years’ experience in organic farming to offer a product that complements the organic, non-GMO, whole-foods mindset.


By growing our cannabis in a healthy, organic soil food web, we give the plant everything it needs in the soil. This allows for the natural uptake of nutrients to happen, which occurs though the symbiotic relationship between the cannabis plant and our soil's microbial life. This ensures that our customers’ experience is as pure and vital as possible.