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All One:Eleven products start with our own recycled, OMRI-listed, proprietary blend of organic soil. Our full living soil-grown, craft cannabis is dried on the branch then hand-trimmed by our professional team. After hand-trimming, we slow-cure our cannabis in large glass jars to preserve the terpenes. We deliver all of our pounds of craft cannabis in glass jars to ensure a proper cure is always maintained.

concentrated products


1:11 rosin stick

rosin & kief-infused joint


1:11 DIAMOND stick

THC DIAMOND-infused joint


1:11 DIAMOND blunt




liquefied thc diamonds + Live terp sauce



80% distillate + 20% live terp sauce

live sugar


terp crystals

Some of our favorite one:eleven strains

pipe dream

Blue Dream x Bio-Diesel

The incredible Blue Dream cut paired with our F1 Bio-Diesel male. The Blue Dream Haze is dominant in this cross, with one recurring pheno that is almost identical to the mom. The Bio-D shines in this pairing and has allowed other phenotypes to retain the Blueberry Haze terpene profile but added more density and trichome coverage, aka Bag Appeal! One of our new favorites, This strain came about accidentally, we didn’t have plans for a Blue Dream cross, but it happened when a Blue Dream cut swapped tags with a Bio-Diesel cut and proceeded into the pollination chamber. Now tested and in line for a spot in our House Selections, which means that this was destined for your favorite smoking device!

Medium Stretch, most phenotypes finished in 9 weeks when flowered from mature seed plants. This is a great plant for growers of all types! 8-9 weeks from clone.

spec ops

Alien Rock Candy x Bio Diesel

The award winning Alien Rock Candy cut was selected by the original owners/founders of Kind Love in Denver and is one of the most potent and terpene laden plants we’ve ever encountered.  Our ARC selection won Strain of the Year honors in 2014 and has verified laboratory tests with THC levels over 34%.  We’ve been working on increasing resin and cannabinoid production in hybridized cannabis for years, and we’ve never been so excited about a high THC project.

Spec-Ops was designed with the unique needs of our Military Veterans and Armed Forces in mind.  It is ideal for operators that have a elevated tolerance to THC or are looking for the most effective way to deliver maximum THC cannabinoids in the smallest dose possible.  With Spec-Ops THC test results already back in the 30% plus range we have a true giant on our hands.  Extensive THC rich resin production means that extractors and lovers of flower can both take their operations to the next level while keeping grows within their legal limits.

When the mission is critical, only Spec-Ops will do.

thelonious skunk

Island Sweet Skunk x Nina Limon

Thelonious Skunk is a beautiful blend of an old school Island Sweet Skunk and Nina Limon. The origins of the Island Sweet Skunk dates back to Vietnam Vets in northern California and growers on Vancouver Island creating an amazing old school skunk. The Nina Limon is a cross between Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke resulting in an amazing haze smell and flavor that especially penetrates the air when being burned.


Thelonious Skunk is a multifunctioning sativa dominate hybrid. This is a great one to wake up with in the morning while still functioning as a relaxing high at night. The fruity flavor of the Island Sweet Skunk and the haze undertones from the Nina Limon carry through resulting in absolute well balanced smoke.


She Finishes right around 8 weeks flower time.

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